I am so so happy today as I finally managed to get accepted into the Graphic Design course at the Enmore Design Centre!! I have been waiting for a while for the offer since I did the aptitude test back in December. I am so excited with what is to come this year and I […]

Mmmmmm… Rice…

You see, I have been on a diet and one of the things I stopped eating was white rice. But having grown up with eating white rice pretty much everyday of my life, that is a very difficult thing to cut out. Somehow, having soft white rice is so satisfying and sooooo comforting. I am […]

Happy Aussie Day!

Happy Aussie Day Everyone! So what will you be doing to celebrate? Will you be down at the beach for the Havaianas Thong Challenge? ( or will you be at the MS Colour Run? ( Whatever you will be up to, hope you have a great day and don’t forget to enjoy some Amber Fluid […]

No concept of Pounds…

A craving for Fish Taco that I had tasted in San Francisco led to the need to purchase Masa Flour to make my own Corn Tortillas. Ordering from USA Groceries online meant everything was mostly in pounds and pounds don’t really translate for me. So when the 4.4 lb Masa Flour arrived, it was quite […]

One Tiny Annoyance!

What is more annoying than having a mosquito in your bedroom whilst you are trying to sleep? You switch the light on and try to find it but you can’t and as soon as you switch your lights off, you can hear it buzzing right next to you ready to take a bite at you! Well […]

しめ縄 (Shimenawa)

Today, I received a New Year’s card from the Ryokan I stayed in when I was in Nara last year. It is a Ryokan that tries to grow its own produce for use and focuses on simplicity and all things natural. The New Year’s card was a closeup photo of someone making Shimenawa. Shimenawa is […]