The never ending search…

Yes, it’s the never ending search for Kit Kats from Japan… Fortunately, my brother’s travels to one of my favourite country, Japan makes it possible. I am sure there are people out there who knows exactly what I am talking about!! The sight of a new Kit Kat flavour, however weird or bizarre is so […]

Mark the Peacock!

I met Mark the Peacock, whilst staying at a Bed and Breakfast in Orange. Apparantely, Mark is a regular ‘squatter’ at the B&B and my very first encounter with him was at 5am the first morning. I had never heard a Peacock squawk before and boy, was he noisy! At first, I thought it was […]

Christmas Lights!

I was just thinking the other week that the same time this year, there seemed to be more Christmas lights on displays on houses in the suburbs. Is it the cost of electricity? or are people over Christmas lights?? Well, there was certainly no shortage of Christmas Lights on Second Avenue. The street was full […]

Popcakes or Cakepops???

I have been meaning to make popcakes for months but never got around to it and with Christmas just around the corner, what a perfect time I thought! So off I went to find the cutest reindeer popcake to make. I also went off in search of the ingredients and decorations for my reindeers. It […]

Prunus Serrulata Kanzan

Prunus Serrulata what…? sounds like some line from a magic spell doesn’t it? Well, I need some magic. Ballpen.Girl was given this beautiful Japanese Cherry Blossom Bonsai and now needs to look after it so that it will bloom next year and many years to come. The bonsai is 6 years old and I am […]