Snow Egg and The Eight Texture Chocolate Cake!

What a nice end to the first month of 2013! Dinner at Quay with a superb view and great company! I had been wanting to try Quay for a while now and trying to get a booking was not easy. Despite a week of horrible rainy weather, it could not have been more perfect weather […]

No concept of Pounds…

A craving for Fish Taco that I had tasted in San Francisco led to the need to purchase Masa Flour to make my own Corn Tortillas. Ordering from USA Groceries online meant everything was mostly in pounds and pounds don’t really translate for me. So when the 4.4 lb Masa Flour arrived, it was quite […]

The never ending search…

Yes, it’s the never ending search for Kit Kats from Japan… Fortunately, my brother’s travels to one of my favourite country, Japan makes it possible. I am sure there are people out there who knows exactly what I am talking about!! The sight of a new Kit Kat flavour, however weird or bizarre is so […]

Popcakes or Cakepops???

I have been meaning to make popcakes for months but never got around to it and with Christmas just around the corner, what a perfect time I thought! So off I went to find the cutest reindeer popcake to make. I also went off in search of the ingredients and decorations for my reindeers. It […]

Extra Spicy Please!!!

A long awaited revisit to the Szechuan hotpot restaurant with my colleagues for lunch. Usually, we would choose the medium spicy for the hotpot base but this time we decided to go all the way – extra spicy! Steam was definitely coming out of our heads as we ate. The day after, I paid the […]