I remember the first afternoon arriving at Iguazu Falls! It was a beautiful afternoon. The afternoon sun was shining and the view out to the falls was just spectacular! It was also an afternoon that I remembered well as it was my first encounter with real Toucans! I just couldn’t believe seeing them sitting in […]


We all have not so great days and today Ballpen Girl allowed me to leave the ‘baddies’ behind! They are truly just my attempts at drawing that makes me feel happy as every time I see a finished drawing of her, she makes me SMILE!! Today the extra smiles came from everyone who liked the […]

The Gigantic Crumpler!

Semester one is pretty much done and boy has it been crazy and hectic! A little bit of breathing space allowed Ballpen Girl to find the perfect gigantic Crumpler bag to take to class for next semester. Believe me, it is GIGANTIC!  It even fits her A3 folder and drawing pads perfectly and at a […]