I am so so happy today as I finally managed to get accepted into the Graphic Design course at the Enmore Design Centre!! I have been waiting for a while for the offer since I did the aptitude test back in December. I am so excited with what is to come this year and I […]

One Tiny Annoyance!

What is more annoying than having a mosquito in your bedroom whilst you are trying to sleep? You switch the light on and try to find it but you can’t and as soon as you switch your lights off, you can hear it buzzing right next to you ready to take a bite at you! Well […]

Prunus Serrulata Kanzan

Prunus Serrulata what…? sounds like some line from a magic spell doesn’t it? Well, I need some magic. Ballpen.Girl was given this beautiful Japanese Cherry Blossom Bonsai and now needs to look after it so that it will bloom next year and many years to come. The bonsai is 6 years old and I am […]

Crazy Wind!

Ahhhhhh!!! It’s so windy!! August weather was crazy here in Sydney this year. I don’t recall it ever being so windy. But today, it was blowing gail force winds. I am glad I was indoors and wasn’t blown away! 🙂 Ballpen Girl


How I managed to get glass in my finger whilst trying to fall asleep is beyond me. But a trip to the medical center didn’t help. The treatment nurse could see the glass but couldn’t get it out (she was really nice and tried for quite a while). The doctor was so busy and couldn’t […]