Snow Egg and The Eight Texture Chocolate Cake!


What a nice end to the first month of 2013! Dinner at Quay with a superb view and great company! I had been wanting to try Quay for a while now and trying to get a booking was not easy. Despite a week of horrible rainy weather, it could not have been more perfect weather than the 31st. The sun was finally out and we had a fantastic view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We couldn’t believe that, even the Carnival Spirit docked at the Passenger Terminal departed just as the afternoon sun was setting, revealing the an orange tinge over the Opera House! Absolutely picture perfect!

We chose the 4 course dinner menu over the tasting menu purely due the ability to have choices.

Amuse Bouche was goats cheese with capers, olive crumbs and dill. I wasn’t looking forward to the goat’s cheese but it wasn’t that strong and the saltiness of the olives balanced well with the goat’s cheese so I actually enjoyed this.

For the first two courses, between us we ended up with:

– Fragrant poached chicken, white radish, sea scallops, smoked eggplant cream, pea blossoms
– Sashimi of local lobster, bergamot, green almonds, grapefruit, elder flowers.
– Coturnix quail, farro, hazelnuts, quinoa, steamed truffle brioche, egg yolk confit, Vin Jaune cream.
– Smoked and confit pig cheek,
shiitake, shaved scallops, Jerusalem artichoke leaves.

The pig cheek just melted in my mouth and was really quite nice. The portion was right for this rich dish. The poached chicken was very tender and had a nice combination of flavours. The truffle brioche that came with the Quail was divine! The only disappointing entree was the sashimi lobster being overpowered by the huge bed of grapefruit. It felt more like the grapefruit was the main focus as opposed to the lobster sashimi.

For main, we had:

– Berkshire pig jowl, maltose crackling, prunes, cauliflower cream, perfumed with prune kernel oils.
– Roasted snapper, Japanese white turnips, barletta onions, sauce made from the roe
– Suffolk lamb loin, eggplant skin and olive purée, sheeps milk crème fraîche, fresh and preserved flowers.

I enjoyed my pig jowl alot. The melt in your mouth pork and prunes went well adding sweetness and cutting the heaviness of the pig. The snapper was very nicely presented with coriander flowers on top. Unfortunately, lamb is something I do not eat so I couldn’t comment. But I was told it was on the salty side.

Finally, some say the best part of the meal is the dessert and having looked forward to the Snow Egg for a while, it came out really striking and very nicely presented. I was a tiny bit disappointed that it was cherry and coconut as I was really wanting to taste either the Guava or White Nectarine versions of it. There has been so much hype about the Snow Egg and the build up of anticipation of it being amazing meant that, anything less that wow wasn’t going to do it. It was nice but it didn’t give me the wow factor and I really wanted to love it! Nevertheless, the fact that the Snow Egg was sitting in front of me finally did put a big smile on my face! Having said that, for me, the eight textured chocolate cake made up for it. That definitely lived up to my expectations! And it’s coming from
someone who is not a chocoholic!

Overall, I have mixed feelings about Quay. Some dishes were great but it wasn’t spectacular. Maybe I had too high of an expectation. Regardless, it was having a lovely night out with good friends that is important part!

Thanks girls for the fancy dinner!!!


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