The never ending search…

Yes, it’s the never ending search for Kit Kats from Japan… Fortunately, my brother’s travels to one of my favourite country, Japan makes it possible. I am sure there are people out there who knows exactly what I am talking about!! The sight of a new Kit Kat flavour, however weird or bizarre is so exciting!!

This time I got a special box pack containing 15 different flavours! Despite it containing some of the flavours I have already tried, I am still so happy with 9 new flavours and can’t wait to taste them all!

List of flavours
1. Pear
2. Shinshu Apple
3. Cinnamon Cookie
4. Purple Sweet Potato
5. Red Bean Sandwich
6. Hojicha-Roasted Tea
7. strawberry Cheesecake
8. Blueberry Cheesecake
9. Wasabi
10. Citrus Golden Blend
11. Hot Japanese Chilli
12. Strawberry
13. Matcha Green Tea
14. Brown Sugar Syrup
15. Edamame Soyabean

I guess I better start tasting during the ‘festive’ season before the new year resolution of going back on diet starts!! hehehe….

Kit Kat anyone?


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