Popcakes or Cakepops???


I have been meaning to make popcakes for months but never got around to it and with Christmas just around the corner, what a perfect time I thought! So off I went to find the cutest reindeer popcake to make. I also went off in search of the ingredients and decorations for my reindeers. It wasn’t as easy as I thought and it did take abit of thinking.

1. Nose – hmmm… What size chocolate balls? too big… too small…. too oval, too orange… etc…
2. Antlers – I had read that people used alphabet Pretzels. Alphabet pretzels?? Definitely sounded like something only the USA would have! In the end, I resorted to the ‘normal’ shaped pretzels you get in the supermarket here in Australia.
3. Eyes – round confetti sprinkles??? couldn’t find them so I ended up using the many many kilos of fondant I had purchased for my cupcakes.
4. Expressions – black edible food pen. Easy!

Now for the baking part. This was the easiest with the mould I had bought. I decided to use this method instead of the traditional ‘bake, crumble and form’ method (which would have added a few more hours to the whole process). Despite a difference in consistency of the popcakes, it wasn’t bad at all. I think I like the cake mould method as it’s a little bit healthier. Yes, I know. It’s cake, chocolate and sugar we are talking about here but at least it’s minus the frosting which I really don’t need!

Finally, the dipping and decorating of my popcakes. That took ages! It was not easy trying to get them to come out smooth. I ended up having to heat the chocolate several times to make the consistency more runny.

Nevertheless, it was fun and they turned out super cute that I couldn’t bear to eat them. So I left that to my friends….hehehe… Poor Reindeers…

As with the Popcake vs Cakepop naming thing. I just got confused and for some reason Popcake seemed to make sense to me, even if it doesn’t to you. :-p So Popcake it is! (btw, I did look up on the web. People do also call them Popcakes so I am not alone)


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